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World Tour in LA, 2020

San Diego

#Lecture at the San Diego Dwelling
- February 4, 2020

> Participating in Tour of Inspection is for Individual’s Self Study


I can feel that participating on this American Manheng (Tour of Inspection) has a profound meaning. Especially on this trip I think you will explain to us what is the meaning of Spirituality in terms on next paradigm shift. What kind of mindset should we have as we begin on this trip?

Answer Summary:

You must have a reason for participating in a Manheng when you tag along on a Manheng.  The main reason should be for your self-study. The type of study will be different depending on the Manheng.  Depending on Manheng, the energy that I bring is different. Depending on the purpose of Manheng, Daeshin or Substitute Gods who accompany me are different.  Just as such, the Suh-In or ancestral gods/spirits and Daeshin or Substitute Gods who accompany you the participant, also changes.      

Depending on the level of development, your Suh-In and Daeshin will change.  As your level of development increases, your previous Suh-In will have a salvation and switch to a higher level spirits.  After reaching a certain level, common spirits will not be able to come close and only higher level Daeshin will be able to come along.

Spirit world has an order and hierarchy just like the society we live in.  We are studying the hierarchy system of society to prepare ourselves for the spirit world.  Nature is teaching workers and presidents of companies in society about Nature’s systemic order.

But people misbehave and regress by having informal periods of relaxing honorific speech.  People of higher character who appear on stage in front of people wear formally in suits, however, at certain point in time they began wearing jeans and without wearing a tie.  Depending on the type of clothing, the energy and quality of speech changes, but people do not understand this principle.

When a person in front of me asks me a question, I answer.  However, I open the all the gates of heaven and dimensional world when I speak, so that I am talking to spirits and gods.  We must do our duties in the human world so that we can perform our duties faithfully in the dimensional world correctly. There are people who are living their last lives as a human.  I’m trying to right these things.

I have been inspecting the society quietly as the last disciple, but depending on my actions things will change.  That is why participating on Manheng each step of the way has a tremendous significance. If you are not going to study or learn a lesson during Manheng, then it is not right for you to follow me during Manheng.  Partaking in Manheng is for you to grow step by step. You should be grateful for the opportunity to grow.

I want to be close to people who want to learn something and are grateful, not to those who are calculating and greedy.  I keep my distance from those people. The right reason for participating in Manheng is for self-study and therefore the Suh-In and Daeshin are also able to study at the same time. 

#Lecture at the San Diego Dwelling
- February 5, 2020

Will we rule over the Artificial Intelligence, or be ruled by it?


The era of artificial intelligence is upon us, so will humans be ruled by machines?  No, not so. The cars that we drive is a type of a robot. Because we drive it and it moves, we think it’s not a robot, but when it is automated, it will become a complete robot.  But it will do whatever we humans design it to function.

Answer Summary:

People think that as AI develops that it can be misused, but actually misuse of AI will diminish.  Why? Because we are living in Hucheonsidae (Post Era). Seoncheonsidae was an era of greed, but Hucheonsidae is not an era of greed.  Therefore, misuse will lessen. The use of nuclear weapons will disappear as well in the future completely. Right now we are living in a transition period so there’s talk of doing something with nuclear weapons, but in the future, all the dangerous elements will completely disappear.   

Humans rule over the robots. Humans can have thoughts of higher quality. Robots cannot do this. They say it’s artificial intelligence, but there is a limit to how much it can advance depending on the data that we input. What robot can’t do and say is, “I can’t do this anymore!” Robot can’t do this. But humans are beings of higher capacity, because we can quit. Humans utilize machines that have limits. Humans are limitless. The power of soul is that it does not have limits.

The future is not about being ruled by machines, but understanding them well so that we can manage and utilize them. That future needs to come sooner. What happens when it becomes a reality? Humans can save time, not wasting time and prepare ourselves to function as gods. The future of economy will turn into a public based economy.

Los Angeles

#Rodeo Talk
- February 8, 2020

When Cheon Gong Seuseungnim looked around in Louis Vuitton, one of the staff invited him to their terrace. She said she could feel a good auro coming out from him and wanted to ask know more about him. We introduced that Seuseungnim is a spiritual mentor from South Korea. She god excited telling us that she’s been waiting for a man who could give answers to her life question. This is her question and Seuseungnim’s answer.

Lady: My question is, 

“Is humanity getting on the right track? We all seem to be lost. Especially in the U.S, we have so much going on in the government.”

Answer Summary:

It is going on the right track. But there has to be one major change, but that major change hasn’t happened yet. Humanity goes through transformation at 30% level, and 70% level and we have reached 70% level right now, but it hasn’t gone through proper transformation yet.

Lady: “Yes, we seem to be digressing. Especially our government. we need to live with kindness and generosity..”

Answer Summary:

Because we have many dissatisfied people living in this society, the dissatisfied fact is coming forefront to society. That is why all the presidents in this world are acting in a strange way. We should not be living only with kindness. We need to live righteously by the law of Grand Nature.I’m here to teach the world the principle of how to live righteously.


“Thank you, we need you. “

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