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About Us

01The Background of the Foundation

The Great Mentor Jinjung has declared a new epoch called ‘Hongik World,’ where everyone is supposed to live and work for the greater benefit of all mankind. For the past fifteen years, the Great Mentor has been teaching ‘Gongdo-sasang’ (Universal Justice and Truth) as a fundamental principle for the realization of Hongik World. More recently, he has travelled throughout the United States, which is currently the world’s leading center and global superpower, and come to the conclusion that ‘World Hongik Foundation’ (WHF) needs to be established in the States.

WHF will become a cornerstone for achieving the vision and mission for the expansion and realization of Hongik World on a global level. This mission cannot be accomplished without members’ active participation and support.

  • What should I do for my Neighbor?
  • What should I do for the Society?
  • What should I do for my Country?
  • What should I do for Humanity?

02The Purpose of the Foundation

World Hongik Foundation sets an ultimate goal of building a human welfare society and promotes various public welfare projects for humanity in order to accomplish this goal. In particular, world hunger in developing countries is an urgent issue that requires completely new approaches and solutions. The Great Mentor Jinjung has already addressed this issue and provided a new paradigm solution to global hunger, which is well outlined in his book “The Greatest Love Project: World Hunger Zero Project” (2015). WHF will conduct further research on this issue, and focus on providing more practical and sustainable solutions, as well as action plans. WHF will be striving together with related international organizations, NGOs, non-profit organizations, and social enterprises to achieve this goal.


Non profit organizations

Social enterprises

03Main Projects

World Hongik Foundation also plans to conduct responsible research activities and educational projects for the globalization and specialization of Jungbub and Hongik ideology. To this end, special committees and centers for research and education will be formed as needed within the Foundation to deal with diversified social issues.

The core concepts and principles of Hongik ideology will be translated in English and other languages and disseminated globally in different media formats.

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