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World Hongik Foundation

Who We Are

The ultimate purpose of the World Hongik Foundation is to provide welfare society for all humanity.

Welfare Projects

We work to promote diverse welfare projects. Especially, helping the people of underdeveloped countries dying out of starvation is the most urgent issue to be resolved, yet it is waiting for a new approach. It is ‘The Hunger Zero Project’. On the basis of this, World Hongik Foundation will provide specific plans to fulfill the mission. Furthermore, we plan to make joint project and promote it with relevant international organizations, NGO, Non-profit foundation and social enterprises.


Jungbub, coupled with Hongik Ideology(to live and work for the benefit of all humankind), will become the leading force of humanity for the coming future. We call this Jungbubsidae — the Age of Jungbub.

Jungbubsidae(publisher) is a research institute that examines the preexisting morals, ethics, and common sense that have dictated our lives from the beginning of history under a new light, and reconstructs them for the benefit of the global community.

Hongik Ideology

World Hongik Foundation will also promote active researches and education projects to lead globalization and specialization of Hongik ideology. We will establish various facilities for researches and education projects under the foundation and develop new programs that our society needs. Also, we will translate and spread our core teachings of Hongik ideology to world nations through diverse range of media.

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Foundation set up to provide help and lead the world with the principles of Hongik









Our Projects

Foundation set up to provide help and lead the world with the principles of Hongik

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World Hongik Foundation strives to contribute to the development of a gleaming welfare society through its Jungbub oriented educational materials and contents

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